Cool Stuff In Blogsville

Cool Stuff In Blogsville

Ok, this offering is going to be a little bit controversial.

Going against the grain…

Firstly we have Thoughts From a Crazy Lady who talks about her views on what it is like to live as Christian in today’s society. Even if you do not agree with what she says, it is worth a ponder or two in how it is to live a life or have a view that is counter to what the mainstream culture has.

Bansky vs Advertising

Bansky decides to have a pop at the Advertising industry professing his disdain to an industry that supposedly exploits the masses in this excerpt taken from The Fox Is Black blog. Though I am also dubious about the industry, some of the views expressed by Bansky can be considered a bit extreme. Not an industry to take abuse lying down, an Open Letter to Bansky written by Craig Ward, provides some brilliant counter arguments to the points that Bansky has mentioned. Well worth the read.

Back To Elegance

To end on a lighter note, check out the awesome blog Chic Is The New Punk. It gives you a low down on all the trendiest and cool things that are happening in the Fashion world. Recent posts display the labels on the runway for the French Fashion Week.

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